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Hello Everyone and happy October!

I can't quite believe how quick this year is going but I'm looking forward to Autumn and Winter. Since I last posted NSJ has gone through some rebranding and has a fresh new look. My previous branding done by the amazing Laveeza was exactly how I wanted my brand to look after finishing University. However, a year and a half on I feel as though my style has evolved and want my brand to now reflect this.

My previous colour scheme I felt was too muted for the type of designs I produce. I wanted colours that were still bold but not too garish. I finally decided on a light pink and blue. There were elements of my old Logo I still wanted to keep but other parts I felt could change. I kept the design of my logo the same but changed its colouring. This was also the same for my Thank You cards which I include in every order.

Many parts of my brand have changed however, my website being a big one. I wanted it to be easier for everyone to navigate through and find my past projects along with new work. You can now view my portfolio, shop and blog in one place

My new branding also includes new sticker packaging, business cards and gift messages. I'm learning more and more about how important a brand's look and feel is since becoming a Graphic Design Assistant. It is so important to have a consistent style so that it is easier for your brand to be associated with specific colours, style, fonts and graphics.

I hope everyone loves the new look!


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